2. AMAZINGGGG !!! Super criative !!!
    Congrats for the Team !!!!!

  3. So grotesque - and amazing - all at the same time. What's not to love?

    It made me crave steak though - is that wrong?

  4. Hi Franc,

    I am a huge fan of yours! I have to know...was it real or fake? Seriously, how could the meat have stayed for that long without smelling putrid and having flies all over it? Also, wouldn't that be a food safety hazard, raw meat touching everyone and thing?

    Thank you for answering! Amber

  5. Franc,

    What did you do to the meat so that it was wearable?

  6. You are a cut above the rest.

    With love.


  7. Meat = shellacked!

    What we NEED to know: was it rBGH laced or was it organic and/or grass-fed or grass-finished?

    If it was Monsanto vaccinated, then Gaga absorbed the hormones up her skin, shellac notwithstanding.

  8. Hi, Franc! Congrats! Very creative, but please explain how did you do it to make the meat wearable and not smelly and bloody!!!

  9. Dear Franc,

    I just recently discovered your work and I'm very impressed! I particularly like your Mad Mind headpiece!

    Did you design and create this dress specifically for Gaga, or was it already one of your creations and Gaga wanted to wear it for the show so you tailored it for her?? Did you come up with this idea to make meat sartorial or did Gaga's team? I'm dying to know!! Please email me when you can!!

    Thank you so much!


  10. This is an abominable disgrace. Could you not have gotten the same message across with artistic design using silicone or other substances to create a fake meat dress?

  11. Have you ever heard about Jana Sterbak ?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


    1. LOL she had fame far before she wore the dress my friend, unless you're referring to the designer.. I can't speak on him.

  14. americas next top model did it first lol... way to rip off the idea...

  15. I am a musician and believe in my heart that creative arts...including fashion...are among the special, elevated aspects of human culture. However, by completely ignoring both implication and actual effect of your work on living animals - as you did with the Gaga meat dress, presumably for the purpose of publicity and/or profit, you truly have relegated your status downwards to a simple apathetic greedy mainstream social sophmore with no morals beyond the narcissm required to actually take pride in causing "shock" so crudely. You want to be creative? How about a full public apology and call to those in the fashion industry to forgo fur and leather. Really...not much different from those who are apathetic to the human suffering of war; what you did is part of the problem. I challenge you to a public debate on any of this... xo,don in new york.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. You are a true subhuman.
    You call this art ? You have no idea of art at all, you fucking pathetic loser.

    Meat is Murder, if you dont know it, scumfuck.


    If you ignorant piece of shit are able to discuss, come.


  18. Vegans are so bad-tempered! And rude - Hitler was a vegetarian, of course; not known for his sense of humour

    Vanitas: Fresh dress for an albino anorectic 1987, Jana Sterbak

  20. Completely disgusting and no, Frank Fernandez wont become the next Valentino or oscar de la renta. Just another attention seeker.

  21. I love how the things Gaga wears always have me doing research, where is this from, what does it mean now? She certainly likes to be referencial, but that doesn't mean she or those who craft her clothing are unoriginal. This dress is clearly much different than the Jana Sterbak dress, it's made to belong in the VMAs. Paired with her dates for the night and her statement about standing up for rights, I think it's pretty clear that there's a message to the madness, and what wonderful madness! Great job on the dress Franc, it hangs beautifully, just a shame she won't be able to keep it in her closet! (Not that anyone who else who went to the VMAs is ever going to wear their duds again either.)

  22. HA HA HA! Great job, F R A N C, on both the dress and the fury.

  23. It looks disgusting - whether it is real or not.
    So what is next? some kid's skin? Should look even cooler.

    I am sure you are talented - too bad it just went down the drain. So did Lady Gaga's.

    anbu12. Singapore.

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  26. What's the difference between a piece of meat and a human? A human has a voice. Use it if you were "born this way".

  27. Amei tudo gostei do que gaga passou e parabens ao design porque ficou impecavel, e os que repudiam a idéia são tolos o suficiente pra não intenderem a arte da moda.

  28. congratulations, you took avant-garde fashion and performance art to a totally new level.


  29. @Azza, what ? Why do you come up with Hitler ?
    Stupid kid.

  30. Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging symbolic elements in a way that influences and affects the senses, emotions, and/or intellect...(Wikipedia)

    The dress is art if it does provoke discussion and did what was intended, I believe. Even those who are angry about it are just reacting in a way artists would like people to react. I have seen meat/dead animal exhibits before, it always gets the same reaction. I don't love it but I am not horrified by it either, It just makes me think and I am curious about the varied reactions of people. Thank you for the experience.

  31. FRIEKS and all you stupid wannabes who suck ass are FRIEKS too!

  32. @Meghan, yeah, sure, there was also an "artist" who tortured a dog, til he died.
    Super, he makes people react.
    That makes it art, right ?

    Go fuck yourself, get some ethical knowledge.

  33. What an incredible way to honor the manner in which meat is put together...you'd have to be quite the student of anatomy and muscle to be able to get the dress to hold together and to shape it properly.

    Sure makes you think about what the meat we eat as food is really made of...down to the fibers and cells and how they grow to become the respected animal which is then consumed.


  34. to all the bitter people giving ill comments on this amazing pc of art.. i have two words : RELAX MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! Its just a dress and its a beautiful dress. People really gross me out who can't comprehend this type of grand and grotesque Art. If you think this is too much, you are probably too old.

  35. I think it's pretty great Franc! I hope you do a male version (meat tuxedo) for next year.

  36. I don't understand how you made it not stink and stay together and not leave blood stains everywhere? i mean when she sat on the chair shouldn't it get squished? how did it last without getting spoiled?

  37. so "engineofruin's" last 3 posts so far have read:

    *go fuck yourself
    *stupid kid
    *fucking pathetic loser
    *ignorant piece of shit

    You have a way with words...
    I'll agree with Azza: you have no sense of humour: and it's true: neither did Hitler. But you HAVE made me laugh, so: cheers!

  38. Basically,I understand the creativity that's has been put into the outfit,however I think it look disgusting and above all is she wanted to make a statement about the meat on our bones she should of slashed her self instead...

  39. amazing
    all your work is exquisite!
    lovin this
    rad blog!

  40. I'm a huge fan of this dress, as well as Lady Gaga. This is a beautifully unique piece,

    You should follow my blog.
    It's all about Lady Gaga, mother monster.
    it would be much appreciated if you'd follow.
    Please & Thank you.

  41. Thank You Jana Sterbak


  42. Hey Mr Fernandez,
    I did a tiny little blogpost about your work and your interview with the FYLG-team here:

    Your work is really inspiring, thank you so much.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. You mom should be proud, you are pretty much less than nothing... and sure yuo gonna feel proud about my comment because that was you were looking for.
    Shame on you!!!
    u just make me feel sick period

  45. this dress is so weird and i think this is an insult to fashion...meat dress!?!? i really love lady gaga but.... poor vegetarians!! they must have felt pain at seeing this...really did need to use real meat in the fucking dress, Franc? so just keep killing animals for stupid things ¬¬


  46. Espectacular felicitaciones! buen vestido! me encanto! muy original 100% gaga

  47. Franc congratulations, you did a great job to make that dress is inbreible! You created an image that no one ever expected, I think no one is better than having to Gaga for gloss.

    From Chile!

  48. Like the comment on our society. Would a fur had made the same terror? Or how pollution kills a lot of animals. Maybe this animal died of natural causes? Maybe it's the meat of a dog?

    Maybe it's made with meat glue ;o)

    I think, Lady Gaga is a very brave woman.

    Sorry for my mad english gramma

    From a danish fan

  49. Everyone needs to stop tripping over this, ok it was a meat dress who cares, PETA needs to stop harrassing everyone that has anything to do with meat or fur, everyone has a chioce if you want to eat meat good for you, if you don't then good for you why do we need PETA shoving down our throats what we can and can not eat. Please people make their own choices and should not be bothered by others opinions or beliefs. It is my belief that meat is okay to eat but you don't see me trying to push that belief down everyone's throat. GOD put animals on this earth to be slaughterd and eaten by us and to use their fur to keep us warm, if GOD doesn't have a problem with us eating meat, noone else should and if they do they should keep it to theirselves. GO GAGA stand up for what you believe in F*CK PETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Superb work! If we can no longer use art to question the world we live in, WHAT have we got left?

    Getting people to react is always a good thing. And didn't that dress just fit perfectly on Lady Gaga?

    We need more artists like you on this planet.


  51. Not all vegans are badtempered! From a vegetarian perspective the dress was totally disgusting - from a fashion perspective - until I read about the meat, I thought it was silk, and like it or not, it was a pretty amazing design feat!

  52. Love the dress, shoes, hat & bag.
    It's art. This outfit has done what art is supposed to do, and that is create discussion.

    Great job by two great artists!

  53. I'm vegan, but I thought the dress was awesome. Great work.

  54. This is seriously the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Even if it were fabric it would be hideous. The so called "message" she was trying to send here is a complete load of crap too. There is no way she could possibly believe that people would think a dress made out of meat would make the statement of "fighting for your rights". I double dog dare you to use aborted babies next time.

  55. jajajajaja que mierda me hizo reir mucho!

  56. No you and Gaga make me laugh, Hypocritical bitches proclaiming they care about human rights for gays, while they cant even respect the rights of other living beings.

    Thats why gaga hired him, her career sustains itself on 'gimmicks' and shocking people more than the music itself. Am i wrong?

  57. This was done in the 80s already.
    The undertones
    jana sterbak whom i remember also set off a flaming controversy in the art world:
    this is nothing more than a waste of good meat...or was it thrown on the grill afterwards - i'll feel better if it was.

  58. This is sick. I'm not a veggie, but I'm completely disgusted with this dress. So offensive. No respect for life. An animal sacrifice it's life to nourish us, not for us to play with it. And for those dumb people who says "ohh you can't understand the concept of a dress", get a real life! Why don't you kill your mother and use her guts as a necklace, bastards !

  59. Gaga stole the wearable meat idea from an art exhibit I saw as a child in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center. The name of the piece is called Vanitas: Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic. (I think it's been around since at least 1987). http://openoutpost.com/20010

  60. This dress not only looks amazing but also delicious!! The marbling of the meat is incredible. I'd love to tear it off gaga and eat it raw or throw it in the Q. Great work!

  61. I'd like to say a few things.
    First off, to "Lesley" who commented about shoving beliefs down peoples throat, and about PETA trying to stop people from eating what they want.... 1 PETA is here to stand up for what they believe in too, so condem Gag-a all you want for standing up for her beliefs, but criticize PETA and others? Nice.
    2 PETA infroms people of the harm meat can do for their bodies. If PETA were shoving this down your throat, you wouldnt HAVE the choice. But, you do.
    And finally, "Lesley", maybe try looking at your religious statements in the last part of your comment and apply, "Don't shove you beliefs down others' throats" to them.

    Now, to everyone who thinks this is art. Fine, but really, a living, breathing, blinking, loving animal died for your so called art. And if that's what our world is coming to, and people are going to think it's beautiful and spectacular, well I just don't have much hope for people any more. It's cruel, offensive and quite frankly heart breaking.

  62. Gorgeous, baroque, absolut art. Viva el arte!

  63. So, did you use skirt steak?

    Sorry, couldn't resist:)

  64. I think we should do the same with human flesh...you know,kill a rich white kid (or even better a poor african kid),make a dress with it...Wouldn't that be cool? Wouldn't that be a statement?Wouldn't that shock people and make you even more famous?huh?I think this would be the idea of a lifetime really...Wow I really think I'm topping myself here...I'm almost as good as Lady Gaga...man...Vivo la art!

  65. maybe the dress could make a statement but honestly, design is really poor.. i mean, fabrics are for making dresses and some of them beautifully executed. If you use alternative materials you could end looking like popped out from a trash can.
    As an "art form" you could take fake plastic meat to express the same things... most of art its about significance and symbolism.
    But i prefer she dressing like a walking butchery than using gay people (veterans) as pets for her new album release propaganda

  66. amazing!!!
    i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Why has no one brought up leather? How is this dress different from all the leather people wear?

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  70. hay no mames pinche cerdo, cortate los webos y haste un traje de tu pinche cuero cerdo de mierda


    Boys, Girls, Haters, and Fans, no publicity is bad publicity!

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  74. Why are people getting so wound up about this? It's a fucking beautiful dress! You can't compare it to using human skin/flesh because animals DO NOT have the same rights as humans. I can't care what all of you bleeding hearts think, this dress is a piece of art. Great work Franc & I hope to see even more controversial pieces from you. :)

  75. Throw it on the Grill, I'm hungry!

  76. Why when someone brings up animal rights everyone automatically thinks we're all "PETA-whores". Not everyone follows PETA & supports them. I'm one of the FEW people that thinks for herself, and I think this was absolutely disgusting. I agree w/ Engine of Ruin about the dog that had to die for "art". This is NOT art whatsoever. Neither is fur, neither is leather. Why can't people just keep the animals out of their "fashion"? They were not put on this Earth for us to use them in such a disgusting way. Educate yourselves. PLEASE. As for Gaga, she's an attention seeker as well who has no talent whatsoever. Someday, she'll be wiped off the music industry map for good, and I will be the first one to celebrate it.

  77. OK, first of all:
    It would've been fucking fascinating to see the reactions if someone made a dress out of human skin. Seriously. I bet half the world would think it was SO cool till they found out what it really was and saw that everyone else thought it was gross. Seriously.

    Someone said you can't compare it to human flesh and stuff because animals don't have the same rights as humans. Why not? Because we think animals don't think like us. But I say we can't know. So I think we should either eat humans too or not eat meat at all. Or what d'ya think?

    Honestly, though, I do understand why vegans and vegetarians react. I mean, they don't eat meat because they respect animals as much as humans and stuff. So don't critizise them. But you vegans/vegetarians, you should respect others too. You may disagree, of course, and I support you fully. But don't call people stupid motherfuckers and say they don't have humour. Act like grown-ups, please.

    When it comes to the dress, it IS remarkable that you made it look like it does and it looks really awesome. And the meaning - well, it does really make sense to me, and I admire Lady Gaga very fucking much for doing this. Seriously, she's really brave.

    - Monsterflower

    Oh, and by the way. Who the fuck are YOU to say what's art and what's not art? Nobody can decide that!

  78. I am currently studying the original piece of art which may have inspired this design; Canadian artist Jana Sterbak's "Vanitas: A Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic". In 1989 when the piece was first exhibited, it too caused tonnes of controversy. Take from it what you will, I think it makes an amazing statement.
    Firstly, take a close look at what young women are forced to live up to in today's society. Look at the clothes that are available for us to buy, what's 'in style'. Is any of it modest? Is most of it inviting a sexual type of attention that maybe it shouldn't be? I've seen girls in junior high school dressed like prostitutes and strippers walking around thinking they are doing something right. Society is reducing women to meat - a commodity.
    The dress itself channels a kind of physical manifestation of nirvana - a moment of ultimate reality in which we are shown what we, as humans, really are. Meat. Its funny that PETA should say "meat is something you want to avoid putting on your body" when all we really are is what? Meat. "No matter how beautifully it is presented, flesh from a tortured animal is flesh from a tortured animal" and "meat is the decomposing flesh of a tormented animal who didn't want to die". Let's think about that for a moment. Humans are animals. The society in which we are sumbursed tortures us with body ideals, what to eat or not, fashion, sexuality, all these things. We too, as human beings, are tortured animals who don't want to die. This dress, which may be an 'extravagant waste of food', is also a positive statement. A reminder to each of us that we are all impermanent. We will all die. We are all in the end simply the meat on our bones. Not the house we live in, nor the clothes we wear, not even the career we choose. In the end we are all decomposing flesh of a tortured animal who didn't want to die. End of story.
    Bravo for so metaphorically openeing up our eyes to the disillusion of who, and what, we are and to the patriarchial and oppressive nature of the society we are forced to be a part of, everyday. Gaga said "I am not a piece of meat"; sorry Lady, but when it comes down to it at the end of the day that's all you, or any of us, are.

  79. I think this is like an insult because some people cant afford meat around the world. And there she is. I love Lady Gaga. I love her songs. but now i think its a bit... too...rude..

  80. she wears what she likes! there's nothing like her!

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